This poem was created by a combination of only craigslist Missed connections listings in London. Over 50 unedited listings were used, ranging from February 2017 to February 2018. 

Missed connections

You sat with your friend this morning chatting about work and about your brother

I laughed a little because what you said reminded me of what my sister was like to me when I was younger.

You were looking for your stop.   

I thought you wanted to leave.

You said: I thought we were here. We're not here. You smiled.

You have a tattoo on your left arm

You were wearing plaid and reading The Economist

You were having coffee at Costa queensway - Istanbul to London, queensway

Pretty girl in a grey hoodie that said “Obey”

I was shy and awkward, you were beautiful and intriguing.

I walked out after you to talk but you disappeared I didn't know where you went

I hope that life gives you everything you wish for

I apologise that you caught me looking

That I could not help looking

you had such a beautiful smile,

It must be you out there.